An inviting and inclusive dance center for all

  • We provide a high quality dance education for ages three years to adult, for all levels and interests, in many different dance forms.
  • Our goal is to entice students to be invigorated by their education and provide them with the tools to further their learning and exploration in dance.  This motivates each student to ask questions, think independently, retain information, and become driven to reach their full potential.
  • We highlight the connections between the performing arts to the greater world, which helps students expand their potential as individuals.  With these connections we gain meaning, more engagement, and a new found value to what we learn.
  • A positive and nurturing environment is a powerful tool that resonates outward and cultivates a sense of community and respect in the classroom.  This also helps kids thrive physically and emotionally; cultivates the performer, artist, and athlete inside each student.  
  • We believe in giving back to our community through community outreach classes, workshops, and performances.  We do this because it brings happiness, promotes social connections, and strengthens our community!  
  • No matter the form, all dance technique classes integrate challenging and technical material, provided in an accessible fashion so that the student is supported and encouraged to improve in a progressive manner. In the classroom we add structured improvisation and movement games which encourages experimentation and the development of an artist’s voice.   
  • We believe the practice of learning and creating art delves into the self and examines one’s culture and expands the way we see ourselves and the world around us.  This kind of engagement develops critical thinking, problem solving, cultivates respect, and creates diversity within a community. 
  •   At reVel dance center we believe it is essential for students to be educated in a variety of movement styles & techniques, accentuating their expressiveness, while developing well rounded dancers.  
  • Students are given feedback, including corrections with anatomical references, and clear visual examples. This further increases strength, agility, and body awareness that extends into other sports and physical activities.