From "Still Life in Yellow." Dancers:  Jenn Aiken, Jennifer DePalo-Peterson, Jamie Melaragno Schuler, Gwen Phillips, and Kate Vermillion Lyons. Photo by Annabelle Denmark Photographer, courtesy of 3rd Law Dance Theater

Christine is an especially unique teacher, adept in modern, ballet and jazz. I love the music she uses which seems to reflect her absorption in and broad knowledge of all aspects of this art form. I’m not sure how she comes up with her class plans and choreography, but, quite magically, the patterns, textures and shapes she guides us through, develop into an actual dance or phrase.
— Robin Kay, Colorado

I have had the honor and privilege to witness and experience Christine’s teaching in academia, the professional dance field, and a studio setting. Christine’s sheer joy, passion, humor, and incredible talent are infectious to all that take her classes. She has the innate ability to both challenge and positively support her students to improve their technical facility and performance presence as well as expand their own artistic voices. Her 2018 choreographic and teaching residency at Colorado Mesa University left our students with fully encouraged hearts and new and exciting outlooks on what dance and dance education can be. She is a true treasure to the dance community.
— Amanda Benzin, ASST PROF of Dance, Colorado Mesa University

As a longtime student of Christine Rohde’s, I can say with confidence that few teachers have had the impact on me that she has. She is always full of life and laughter and love for her students, and her positivity and energy are infectious, rendering her classes fund, welcoming, challenging, and extremely rewarding. Because of her patience, dedication, and instruction, I have experienced significant growth as a dancer and as a human being, and I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without her.
— Grace, age 16, Dance Student, Colorado

Christine creates a magical space full of joy and positive perspective in every class she teaches. Each day she brings enthusiasm for the art form, fresh perspective to the material and sincere consideration for the needs of each individual child.
— Katie Elliott, Artistic Director of 3rd Law Dance Theater, Colorado

Christine isn’t just a great teacher she’s an amazing person! She personally invests her time into each student and gives them a positive fun learning environment to build them up as dancers and amazing individuals. Her joyful attitude is nothing but contagious, from the time you walk in to her door and all the way through her classes. Five stars!
— Harmony L., Fellow Teacher and Parent, Colorado

I have had Christine as a dance teacher for four years and she is simply the best! I look forward to her dance class each week and she is fun and caring.
— Cierra, age 13, Dance Student, Colorado